Safe, Reliable & Affordable Stonemasons in Edinburgh

Finding the best stonemason can be difficult, especially with so many available. Here in Edinburgh, we have various options, many with great reviews and photo galleries. In the end, I chose who I thought was the best stonemason in Edinburgh, Burgh Stonemasonry. How exactly do choose, though?

When looking for a Stonemasons company in Edinburgh you should always make sure the company you’re dealing with has experience with your required services, not all stonemasons are the same. Some have very specific specialities which may suit your project better. With that in mind though you should also be careful with stonemasons that can’t show you some previous work, it’s often a sign of someone with very little or no experience. This is a concern for larger work but for small repairs usually isn’t a problem provided. Burgh Stonemasonry has over 32 years of experience in the stonemason industry.

Something else that you should be very aware of is the ability to provide quotes. In some cases, a quote can’t be provided without a site visit and usually the buyer will be able to tell when a site visit is needed. If you have a stonemason that refuse to come out for a quote then that might be the sign of a problem waiting to happen. Most, if not all, stonemasons around the Lothians provide free quotes with no obligation. Qualifications. This is VERY important. Stonemasonry isn’t something the usual handyman can pick up and learn. Stonemasons need to go through lots of training and on the job experience building before they are experienced enough to run their own Stonemason company.

I would highly recommend Burgh Stonemasonry in Edinburgh as one of the best choices available, although there are plenty with various levels of expertise in different areas on Masonry.