Finding yourself a reliable Stonemason

Finding the best stonemason for the job can be a challenging job but with the following tips provided for finding a Stonemason in Glasgow. One you have talked over the job you need completed by a stonemason they should be able to give you a fixed price quote or an hourly rate with an estimated time to completion. You need to make sure what your paying the stonemason covers everything so there are no added costs for equipment, supplies or extra tradesmen.

The most important part is asking for insurance and guarantee details to ensure that if anything goes wrong your covered! There have been many cases where someone has had an accident and been injured only for the home owner to be liable. In most cases its accidents that result in accidental damage to your property or your neighbours so ensuring your stonemason has insurance is very important.

Finding a stonemason with experience is the key to having a successful job completed with not problems as they will have been around the block a number of times and likely dealt with the usual issues that arise during a job. At the end of the day you should be looking for a company that you trust and puts your mind at ease.

How much does a stonemason cost?

That’s a difficult question to answer as it depends on if your looking for a sole trader or company, how big the job will be, the equipment that is needed and importantly if they are insured, experienced and good! Depending on what your looking for though you can likely find a stonemason from around £100 upwards deepening on the job they will be doing for you – bigger the job the bigger the cost obviously.

Glasgow has many stonemasons so finding a reliable on shouldn’t be a problem. If you are struggling you can also look for reviews on Google and Facebook to make sure who you are getting has a good reputation.