Picking the best SEO company in Edinburgh

Running a business these days means you need to be active online and be on page one of Google, but getting there proves difficult for many businesses across Edinburgh and Glasgow. This is why we have teamed up with Teckle Digital Agency – SEO Edinburgh, a successful SEO company in Edinburgh, Scotland. We will answer a few questions about the complexities of SEO, social media and internet marketing in general.

What is SEO?

Well, SEO is simply the process of making a website more friendly to search engines and building the authority of a website so it ranks high for the topics and keywords that it is relevant for. This can cover lots of aspects like re-writing content, change the underlying code or in some cases starting a brand new website. Without seeing a website and knowing what a business wants to achieve its impossible to tell what work will be needed but generally, it’s a case of minor tweaks to a website, new content written and then link building throughout reach and content marketing. You may also be in need of a Google penalty recovery service which can become very time consuming and expensive, especially if you have dabbled with Cheap SEO services previously.

Does every business need SEO?

Great question. It really depends on what your business does and how its customers interact with you. For example, if you know for a fact that all of your business comes from networking and referrals and you are likely only going to pick up one or two new customers by being at the top of Google then you really need to run the numbers and have an SEO company that can work with that in mind. With that in mind, I have yet to find a company in Scotland that has been in that situation. I actually have one client that only a few years ago through being at the top of Google would only bring in an extra client or two per month but as of today, over 80% of their business comes from their website being #1 on Google.

Is SEO expensive?

My advice to clients is, if you think SEO is expensive then you should look at other avenues. SEO is something that takes time, so doing SEO for two or three months won’t turn your business around. That being said all of our quotes are based on the level of work it takes to get to page one but they are also tied to a level of ROI for our clients. At the end of the day if you’re on page one and all that extra money is just paying the SEO costs then what’s the point? Generally speaking, Local SEO companies will have a base rate that they can’t work below, we have our own base rate also, but they should also be accommodating to your needs and recommend some areas or tasks that you can undertake to lower the overall costs of SEO.