Finding a dentist in Edinburgh that can help cure your fear

We have all been there, out with friends when all of a sudden you have a sharp pain which comes as a complete surprise – toothache! I myself know it all too well having had to go through a few fillings, extractions and one root canal treatment. Thankfully though I don’t do too badly going to the dentist these days. I used to be petrified of the dentist and would avoid it at all costs, my comfort being the main cost! I eventually plucked up the courage and found a great dentist in Edinburgh that didn’t just fix my dental issues but also helped with my dentist fear and anxiety.

The NHS says that 1 in 4 is too scared to visit the dentist, this is a worrying number. I was very that 1 in 4 not too long ago but since then I have had many dental appointments and even had that infamous root canal treatment. Now, don’t get me wrong I certainly won’t be running back for another root canal treatment but it certainly wasn’t as bad as I had feared. It was a little uncomfortable but other than that, it was fine. I actually fell asleep for a few minutes at one point!

Choosing a dentist is a very personal process, I would always say picking someone you can trust is the first step. It doesn’t matter who the dentist is but if you, for whatever reason, don’t feel right then change. My best piece of advice though for those who are very scared then I would suggest having a look for a dental clinic that specialises in treating patients with dental phobias. There many options open to people like us, whether that be simple reassurance, calming techniques or as far as sedation to take all of your anxiety and fears away from the situation.

4 Tips for getting through a dental appointment

  1. Find a dentist that is understanding to your situation. Many times it is as easy as asking friends for recommendations but most dental clinics that specialise in dental fear will advertise it on their website and facebook pages.
  2. Do what I do, pick an appointment which is very early in the morning. This gives you less time to worry and potentially talk yourself out of going to the appointment. This was a big help to me.
  3. Agree with your dentist that a specific hand signal means you need to stop what you are doing. This is a very good tip for making sure you stay in control of the situation. It can be as simple as raising your hand.
  4. Take some music and headphones. Not all dentists allow this but the ones that I know of that deal with fearful patients are more than happy to allow it and generally suggest it! Having some music, podcast or audiobook to listen to will take you away from what is actually happening and also help drown out some of the dental work noise that is going on.
  5. Start small. If you know you need a lot of work done then ask if you can start with a simple clean and polish in order to tip your toes in, so to speak. This will help you understand how your chosen dentist operates and if you wanted to test the hand raising tip this would be a great time to do that to settle your fears.

I strongly suggest going to any dentist in Edinburgh even for a chat. It might be the most important step toward a healthier smile that you will ever take.

Healthy teeth are worth trying to overcome the fear, trust me I was scared too.

Best Carpet cleaner in Edinburgh for Emergencies

Its a dark cold Sunday morning and you realise you need to clean up after the party you had the previous day, when you notice it… Someone has spilled wine on your brand new carpet!

After the anger, frustration and possibly tears its time to look for a company that provides carpet cleaning Edinburgh. The best thing to do is phone around a few companies and even ask friends for suggestions. We have all been in this situation before so one of your friends will have a good recommendation on a carpet cleaner for you. The Best things about living in Edinburgh is there are always vast amounts of companies that compete meaning carpet cleaning shouldn’t be too expensive. That being said, it will depend on the stain, size of the room and what equipment will be needed so its always worth calling a few companies for a quote.

A few of you might even need carpets professionally cleaned because you are moving into or out of a new property. This is something I have done before! When moving into a new house the carpets were left in a terrible state. A quick call around and we found a great carpet cleaning company in Edinburgh who came out, gave us a quote and had everything done and dusted (pardon the pun) for our moving day. I did have concerns about how the carpets would look.

I genuinely expected the carper to be multi coloured or just look bad but in all fairness they looked immaculate and in great shape. So if you are looking for a carpet cleaner in Edinburgh, don’t worry and trust your judgement.

Finding yourself a reliable Stonemason

Finding the best stonemason for the job can be a challenging job but with the following tips provided for finding a Stonemason in Glasgow. One you have talked over the job you need completed by a stonemason they should be able to give you a fixed price quote or an hourly rate with an estimated time to completion. You need to make sure what your paying the stonemason covers everything so there are no added costs for equipment, supplies or extra tradesmen.

The most important part is asking for insurance and guarantee details to ensure that if anything goes wrong your covered! There have been many cases where someone has had an accident and been injured only for the home owner to be liable. In most cases its accidents that result in accidental damage to your property or your neighbours so ensuring your stonemason has insurance is very important.

Finding a stonemason with experience is the key to having a successful job completed with not problems as they will have been around the block a number of times and likely dealt with the usual issues that arise during a job. At the end of the day you should be looking for a company that you trust and puts your mind at ease.

How much does a stonemason cost?

That’s a difficult question to answer as it depends on if your looking for a sole trader or company, how big the job will be, the equipment that is needed and importantly if they are insured, experienced and good! Depending on what your looking for though you can likely find a stonemason from around £100 upwards deepening on the job they will be doing for you – bigger the job the bigger the cost obviously.

Glasgow has many stonemasons so finding a reliable on shouldn’t be a problem. If you are struggling you can also look for reviews on Google and Facebook to make sure who you are getting has a good reputation.


Name The Bridge

We will be blogging about how you can bridge the gap between a business that works to a business that is successful. Being in Scotland can pose some issue when trading with companies down south or even international. Companies in Scotland need to ensure they market themselves perfectly – old fashion ads, internet marketing, SEO and social media are imperative to businesses in Scotland.

Our first post will cover what it means to small businesses when they take online seriously with social media and SEO. There are many companies around Edinburgh and Glasgow that have been able to turn around their finances by getting online marketing correct.

Until then though be sure to check us out on Facebook!